Your Best Choice for Web Design and Web Hosting in North Bay, Ontario Canada

Your Best Choice for Web Design
and Web Hosting in North Bay.
Custom built computers that last.
Quality repair at reasonable price.

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TenBase covers all of your personal and business needs as they relate to computers and the Internet.

1190 Regina Street
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 2L2

Phone: (705) 472-5625
Toll Free: (877) 366-3368
FAX: (705) 472-9762

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TenBase Inc. repairs most makes of computers

Bring your computer to TenBase Inc. for repairs.

Labour rates are $65.00 per hour.

Purchase a hardware item from TenBase Inc. and installation is free. (in shop only)

Service calls to your home or business are $65.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $90.00.
On a service call, the technician will assess your computer problem and either fix it on-site or suggest you have him take it to the shop for repairs.
His suggestion will be based on the length of time it will take to repair the system and the requirements for replacement parts.
If it is necessary for the technician to bring your computer to the shop, the 3 hour limit will apply as will free installation of any required parts.

Call us at (705) 472-5625 for advice about your computer problems.

We will advise you of the best way to proceed with your repair.

Estimates are free. (in shop only)

If you want a free diagnosis of your computer, call (705) 472-5625 to arrange a time for us to look at it free of charge and advise you how to proceed.


TenBase Inc. offers upgrades to most makes of computers.

Our technicians will assess your computer and give you an estimate of costs for desired upgrades.
In many cases it is more economical to sell your computer and purchase a newer one.
For example: to upgrade from a Pentium III to a Pentium IV the required components would be
- Motherboard
and possibly:
- Case
- Power Supply
- Video Card.

The approximate cost of this upgrade is $500.
The approximate value of your Pentium III system is $250.
A new Pentium IV 2.8 system is approximately $750.
Sell your old system for $250 and purchase a new one for $750; your cost is $500.
You have a new system with a warranty and probably a bigger hard drive, more RAM and better video adapter for the cost of the upgrade.

In many cases, TenBase Inc. technicians will advise you to keep what you have for as long as you can because the longer you wait, the more system you will get for your money.

TenBase Inc. does not take trade ins. We will at times take your computer on consignment when you purchase a new system.


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